June 25, 2024 5 min read
Until May 31 the declaration of job vacancies in tourism


A set of initiatives to alleviate the problem of the shortage of workers in tourism and to ensure compliance with labor legislation in the wider area of tourism services, in relation to both working conditions and wages, were decided at a meeting. It was attended by the Ministers of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, Tourism Vassilis Kikilias. Also members of the leadership of the two ministries, and representatives of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises.

The aim, in view of the summer season, is to:

Decisions on tourism

Tourism businesses will have until 31 May to submit their vacancies and relevant specialisations on the platform of the DYPA. Then the employment advisors of the DYPA will nominate the unemployed who meet the relevant requirements to the companies to fill the vacancies by 15 June. SETE has already sent instructions to its members for the submission of positions on the platform of the Greek National Tourist Board. The aim is to directly link those seeking employment in the tourism sector with the corresponding companies seeking staff.

Career Days for Tourism

Industry career days and other related coupling events for tourism will be planned. At the same time, the Service Unit for Medium and Large Enterprises (IMME) of the FRA will provide direct recruitment and pre-selection services for companies with 50 or more employees, through the nationwide network of 117 Employment Promotion Centres (KPA2) of the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE and there will be targeted cooperation between the local services of the PUBLIC EMPLOYMENT SERVICE with local tourism associations and businesses.


As already announced by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs , the SEPE immediately starts targeted checks in tourist destinations. The audits are not just about hotels. They will also be made in catering and overall in the sectors that are part of the tourism services. The aim is to ensure compliance with the legislation as regards:

  • health and safety at work
  • undeclared and implicit work
  • pay and working time


Regarding more specifically the issue of remuneration, it is noted that the Collective Labor Agreement for hotel employees, which is valid until the end of 2022, by decision of the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis, has been declared mandatory for all employers and employees of the sector. The government encourages workers and employers in all sectors related to the provision of tourism services, to proceed with corresponding Collective Labour Agreements and, based on the recommendation of Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakou Mitsotakis to the employer side, to increase the remuneration of employees who are not covered by the recent increase in the minimum wage or by collective agreements in force, so as to meet the increased needs of the current situation without of course ignoring the competitiveness of businesses.

On the part of the government, the intention was expressed to hold similar meetings with the representatives of both the catering industry and the employees of the enterprises in the tourism sector.

Kostis Hatzidakis, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

"The expectations regarding tourist traffic this summer create significant employment prospects for thousands of unemployed people who are registered with the DYPA, in positions that correspond to their qualifications, knowledge and abilities. The government will proceed quickly and in an orderly manner, in cooperation with market participants, in taking all the necessary measures. This is in order for the unemployed to find work, for businesses to meet their needs, while keeping the Greek tourism product competitive. We hope that the cooperation between DYPA and SETE will lead to positive results. At the same time, we are determined to proceed with the checks for compliance with the legislation through the APRC. Not only to respect the rights of workers but also to protect the image in Greek tourism".

Vassilis Kikilias, Minister of Tourism

«Meeting the needs of tourism businesses in terms of workforce with respect to the rights of employees and compliance with the legislation, is a priority in a year with very positive messages for Greek tourism, the result of hard preparation and targeted actions. The majority of businesses in the sector respect the law, workers and tourists. The plan to fill vacancies in tourism businesses by unemployed people registered with the DYPA will proceed immediately".

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