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About us

DIFFEREND BUSINESS SOLUTIONS IKE was founded in 2011 by a group of partners with many years of experience in the evaluation and management of investment projects. The main purpose of our company is to provide specialized services to companies and organizations in the private and public sector. Driven by our continuous effort to provide high quality services and respecting the client's needs, our company has now achieved a significant position in the field of Business Consultants based on its clientele and the approved investment projects it manages.

With the knowledge, years of experience and expertise of our people in NSRF and Development Law Programs, we support our clients' expectations with full respect to their specific needs and expectations with the appropriate financial tools across the entire range of business functions with emphasis on the areas of Financing and Investment Project Management, Strategic and Business Planning as well as the provision of advisory services to the Public Sector.

The number of projects we have implemented in all areas of business activity, the repeated collaborations with our clients, as well as the knowledge and experience of our executives are the strong points of continuous development of our services and our clientele.

Company advantages - Why us

  • 10 years of expertise in the business sectors for which we offer consulting services
  • Many years of specialized experience in both the preparation of financial studies and the monitoring of the implementation of projects in the framework of investment programmes
  • Staffed by highly qualified scientific personnel
  • Excellent knowledge of the specificities and needs of businesses and institutions in the private sector and public administration
  • Integrated service delivery framework
  • Provision of available tools and information technologies in combination with the consulting services provided for the integrated support of the business

Services provided

Financing, Administration and Management Services for Development and Investment Programmes

  • Submission of applications for all subsidised programmes
  • Evaluation of Investment Plans
  • Staffed by highly qualified scientific personnel
  • Exploiting optimal sources of funding
  • Preparation of Financial Studies
  • Feasibility – Sustainability Studies (Fast Track)
  • Administration & Management of investment projects until their completion and the disbursement of the total amount of public funding
  • Checking compliance with the contractual terms of the decisions on the inclusion and completion of the investment project

Strategic and Operational Planning

  • Development of Strategic and Business Plans
  • – Development of marketing plans (Strategic Marketing Plans)

Public Sector Advisory Services

  • Integrated management of co-financed projects
  • Monitoring and supporting Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Design of Operational Programmes and Regional Development Studies

Information and communication technology services

  • Digital Reform Strategy

Areas of activity

Agricultural sector

Energy - Renewable Energy Sources

Industry - Manufacturing


Public sector

Public sector




Tourism - Hotel & Self-catering accommodation

Information & Communication Technologies (ICT)

Tourism - Car rental

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