ESPA – What is it?

The NSRF (Enterprise Agreement for the Development Framework) 2021-2027 is the basic strategic plan for the development of the country with the assistance of significant resources from the European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) of the European Union. It was approved by the European Commission on July 29, 2021, and according to this, resources of a total amount of 26.2 billion euros are to be allocated to our country for the next 7 years, of which 20.9 billion euros concern the Union Support and an amount of 5.3 billion euros refers to the National Contribution. Greece is the first EU Member State to officially submit and have the "Corporate Regional Development Agreement 2021-2027" approved for the new Programming Period.

The new "ESPA 2021-2027" captures and sets priorities for strengthening the productive potential of the economy, infrastructure, human skills and strengthening social protection.

of infrastructure, human skills and the strengthening of social protection. The projects/actions to be financed by the new NSRF take into account the special conditions and needs of the country in the coming years and respond to the structural shortcomings of the Greek economy. At the same time, major projects that were started in the framework of the NSRF 2014-2020 are continuing and being completed.

The priorities and actions that will be implemented and which have as their purpose the fruitful transition to a:

  • “smarter” Greece – 20% of resources
  • “greener” Greece – 27% of resources
  • “more interconnected” Greece – 8% of resources
  • “more social” Greece – 30% of resources
  • Greece closer to its citizens – 6% of resources
  • For the Just Transition of the areas after delignitization – 7% of the resources

The new "ESPA 2021-2027" has a strong developmental footprint through actions and projects of high added value and with multiplier benefits for both society and the economy - after the pandemic crisis - contributing the most to the start of a new cycle of prosperity for everyone.

The development vision of NSRF

Contribution to the regeneration of the Greek economy by restructuring and upgrading the productive and social fabric of the country and the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs, having as a cutting edge extroverted, innovative and competitive entrepreneurship and guided by the strengthening of social cohesion and the principles of sustainable development.

Priority axis

In particular, the economic and political priorities of the country are:

  • increase in investment and exports as a percentage of GDP
  • strengthening wage labor and reducing the shadow economy
  • investment in education and knowledge
  • increasing the size of Greek businesses
  • promoting cutting-edge technology, innovation and digitalisation
  • achieving ambitious environmental goals
  • support of vulnerable households
  • strengthening basic research through the removal of anchors in universities
  • incentives to boost innovation
  • radical upgrading of the training system for the unemployed and employed
  • continuation and deepening of digital reform in public administration
  • modernization of education at all levels
  • restructuring of the health system with a priority on digitization
  • energy upgrading of buildings
  • shift to renewable energy sources by mitigating transition costs and supporting local communities during de-lignitization.

Who can receive help from the European funds?

Many citizens are entitled to aid from the European structural and investment funds, but they do not always know it. The beneficiaries of the cohesion policy can be businesses (mainly small and medium-sized), public organizations, as well as organizations or individuals. They are eligible if they submit projects that meet the selection criteria established by the program's managing authorities. Foreign companies established in Europe are also eligible to receive assistance from European funds.

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