September 29, 2023 5 min read
The bill for the protection of the built environment was passed – New simplified permitting procedures for building works


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The plenary session of the Parliament passed the bill of theMinistry of Environment and Energy: Control and Protection of the Built Environment.

A broad majority secured the adoption of the bill: Control and protection of the built environment and other provisions. "In favour" of the principle were SYRIZA, ANEL, but also ND, Democratic Co-party and Potami. " Against the bill were the KKE and the XA, while the Centrists' Union was present.

Minister's statements on control and protection of the built environment

"Several changes were made. Not only in the context of the Plenary, but also in the previous weeks in the discussion of the bill in the parliamentary committee with the stakeholders. As well as in the consultation that preceded it in previous months. I think it can be a very convergent bill. It will be a strong signal in all directions. That together we want to work on the big issues of the bill and have the best possible solution." said shortly before the start of the vote the Minister of Environment and Energy George Stathakis.

The minister mentioned that with the bill the authorisation process is simplified. This facilitates the construction of buildings, which is now the responsibility of the engineer and inspectors. Mr. Stathakis also underlined that a control mechanism is now being created that can work and do its job at regional and decentralized level.

He also referred to the draconian measures to prevent a new generation of arbitrary people. He pointed out that along with the measures for forests, cadastre, spatial planning in the municipalities, the local spatial plans for housing, tourism, etc., the mentality on the issue of licensing and control is changing. At the same time, he pointed out that in the fines part, two new social groups are being introduced. They concern much lighter fines for the unemployed and those receiving a social solidarity income, and the idea of regularisation is facilitated.

The publication of the Law is expected in the near future: Control and Protection of the Built Environment in the Official Gazette.

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