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Save money – Renovate for Young People

  Investment amount to qualify

The programme

The programme

The programme enables 20,000 young people, aged between 18 and 39 years old  to upgrade their energy efficiency and renovate their homes.

For each project that will be submitted and subsidised under the programme, the minimum energy - environmental target is set as follows:

1. Primary energy savings of at least by 30%

2. Upgrade of the energy class based on PEA  at least by three (3) energy classes compared with the existing classification (or mandatory class B' when it comes to radical renovation) if it is an upgrade of building infrastructure that fall under the provisions of Law 4122/2013.

Who it concerns

Who it concerns

Eligible to participate in the Programme are:

Natural persons born between 01/01/1984 and 31/12/2005 with a lien on an eligible residence.

- The right in rem (full ownership / usufruct / small ownership) of the applicant must exist in the reference year of the Program (fiscal year 2021), as well as at the time of submission of the application.

- In the case of free concession/rental to an eligible home, the applicant (eligible under the age criteria) must have a full ownership / usufructuary right in rem (excluding fractional ownership).

To qualify under the "Renovate" strand, the applicant (eligible according to the age criteria) must have a full ownership / usufructuary interest in 100% (small ownership is excluded).

For inclusion in "Renovate", in addition to the income criterion, the total real estate of the applicant must not exceed the amount of 300.000 €

-Eligible are detached houses and individual apartments used as a main residence.

Applications relating to the energy upgrade/renovation of a building in a block of flats are not eligible.

In order for a home tobe eligible, it must meet the following general requirements:
• It exists legally.
• It has not been deemed to be demolished.
• It is used as a main residence.
• It has been classified under the First Energy Performance Certificate (A' EPC) in a category lower or equal to C. For the legality of the residence, the applicant must provide the relevant legal documents at the time of submission.

-For each eligible natural person (for each applicant's VAT number) onlyone (1) application may be submitted to .

-Only one (1) application must be submitted to for each eligible home in the current Program.

-Dwelling, with an active application in one of the energy upgrading programmes, "Exoikonikon II" and "ExoEconomio-Autonomo" and "ExoEconomio 2021", is not eligible to submit to the current programme. An exception is the case of a participating apartment of a "Type B" apartment building application of the "Economize - Autonomo" Programme, which is allowed to apply as an individual apartment in the current Programme.

It is not possible to apply only for "Renovate", while participation in "ExoEconomy" is a prerequisite for applying for "Renovate".

Program budget

Program budget

The programme has a total budget of 350 million euros and gives the opportunity to 20,000 young people, aged from 18 to 39 years old to upgrade energy and renovate their home.
The public expenditure budget:

-For the strand "Save money" totals 200 million. €.

- For the strand "Renovate" amounts to a total of 50 million €

- For the subsidy component and 100 mill. € for the low-interest loan.

The action is funded by resources from the Recovery and Resilience Fund, the National Public Investment Programme 2023, as well as from the resources of the Public Employment Service and the allocation of resources will be made at the regional level.

Amount of subsidy

Amount of subsidy

The Program Save Money - Renovate for Young People covers eligible costs up to EUR 35,000 for the energy upgrade and renovation of a house.
In particular, the eligible budget for the "Economy for Youth" can reach up to EUR 25.000. The programme covers from 45% to 90% of the amount of eligible energy interventions, while the remaining amount may be be covered by an interest-free loan.
At the same time, the eligible budget of "Renovate for Youth" can reach up to EUR 10,000. The "Renovate" programme covers up to30% of the amount of eligible renovation interventions, while the remaining amount can be covered by a low-interest loan of up to €7,000.


Expenses subsidized

Expenses subsidized

In more detail, the Energy Saving for Young People enables beneficiaries to makeenergy saving  interventions intheir home, such as replacing frames, thermal insulation, heating - cooling systems, hot water supply systems, and even convert it into a "smarthome".

Eligible costs are divided into costs for the implementation of the energy upgrade interventions, renovation costs related to the renovation strand and other supporting costs.

Envelope Renovate

Renovation works bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc. interior. The works include the supply and installation of tiles, sanitary ware, ballast, interior doors and general works not covered by the "Economize" part of the scheme.

Important dates

Important dates

Date of opening of online submission of business plans: expected

The deadline for the eligibility of expenditure of proposals is 30.06.2025

The Beneficiaries' projects (physical and financial scope) must be completed within twelve (12) months from the date of the decision of the affiliation.

Within the first six (6) months of the above period, you must at least twenty-five percent (25%) of the eligible energy retrofit work has been completed under an eligible energy retrofit budget. Beyond the above period of 12 months for the completion of the project, an extension of up to three (3) months is possible, upon examination of a justified request.
Requests on grounds of force majeure shall be dealt with separately upon reasoned request.

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